Our Mission and Core Values

Our mission with Rosie & Riffy is to contribute to a better, healthier, and fairer world with products that everyone can enjoy. 

We set out to create the most delicious silky smooth organic plant-based cheeses that anyone has ever tasted. By using traditional cheese making techniques and innovative processes, we produce soft creamy textures and rich flavours with nuts. So instead of milking cows, we milk our nuts, enabling us to make a positive impact on our environment by reducing CO2e emissions.

Over the next 5 years, we are excited to be making an ever-increasing impact towards a more sustainable world by producing high-quality plant-based products that not only address environmental and climate change challenges, but provides well-being for all. 

  • Plant-based: all of our products are free from animal products or animal by-products. This not only supports the cause to fight for animal welfare, but also offers more healthy food choices for lactose-intolerant cheese lovers and those following a vegan lifestyle.
  • Sustainable: by using cashew nuts as our main ingredient, we are producing 8 times less CO2e when compared to regular full-dairy milk cheese counterparts. In addition, we try to include packaging from responsible sources wherever possible.
  • Certified Organic: all of our nuts are certified organic and sourced from fairtrade suppliers. We prioritize producing our products using traceable materials and methods, so maintaining an EU-Organic certification across all our production facilities is an absolute must.

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Thanks for reading! We're so excited to continue this journey together with you.

Tina and Steven